How to fix orbi pink light issue?

There are a lot of factors that can affect your Orbi WIFI signals. They can interrupt your Orbi login by various factors. You will also get Orbi pink light issues, Orbi blue light issues, orbi purple light and Orbi blinking white light issues. Factors like the poor placement of the router, signal interference due to coming waves of your oven, mobiles, or microwaves, and sub-structured material can cause all these issues. In that case, the only way to increase your WIFI signals is to use an additional WIFI router. You can even use bridge mode.

With the Orbilogin Mesh network, no need to use any WIFI extender, router or bridge mode. In the Mesh networking system, you have one router used as a central router. Moreover, you have a wireless unit, satellites, or nodes to make communication between your router and other wireless devices. These nodes operate independently and do not require a connection with the router. They transmit signals on their own. Such networks offer a way to reach WIFI signals. You will not face Orbi pink light issues due to smooth internet access in every corner of your house.

How Netgear Orbi Mesh WIFI removes Orbi pink light issue

Now, Orbi Mesh WIFI technology ensures that your home or workplace remain covered by high-speed wireless network access. That is why Orbi has introduced a whole home Mesh networking system to cover the entire area of your home.

  1. One of such models by Netgear Orbilogin is Orbi AX4200 Wireless Mesh Wi-Fi System.
  2. It is a WIFI 6 enabled router carrying an 802.11ax mesh system.
  3. The device includes a router and a satellite, each designed with six high-powered antennas.
  4. The antennas provide up to 1800 Mb/s of bandwidth over both the wireless bands.
  5. It helps to connect your devices through the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies bands.
  6. Netgear orbi login covers an area of 5000 square feet. So will not face Orbi pink light issues.
  7. On its 5 GHz wireless frequency, your Orbi AX4200 router and satellite transfer data to each other even up to 2400 Mb/s.
  8. In total, you get 4x the speed of 802.11ac. And it delivers a smooth 4K video streaming for a fabulous online gaming experience.
  9. Beyond your imagination, the router has three Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  10. On the other hand, the Orbi satellite has two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

It allows you to connect your wired devices with the mesh network of If you have to set up the Orbi pink light issues using a web browser, make orbi login using the [Orbi app]. It helps to configure and manage your Orbi WIFI devices.

 Remove Orbi pink light issue with Orbi Mesh Router Login 

  • Unbox your brand new Orbi AX4200 (RBK742) Mesh router.
  • Unplug the existing modem, if any, in your house.
  • Attach the Netgear Orbi RBK742 router with the modem using the WAN ports of the router and the modem.
  • The router and the modem can only be connected using an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, your Orbi AX4200 (RBK742) Mesh router will connect to the power outlet.
  • Make sure the router power LED has turned when you link the router to the power slot.
  • Is the orbi login power LED not turned up? Then press the power button at the rear panel of the router.

Unlock the login window securely

  • Use a web browser to unlock through a computer.
  • Connect the computer with the Orbi AX4200 (RBK742) Mesh router.
  • The computer requires a LAN port to connect with the WIFI network of the Orbilogin page.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to the LAN of the router.
  • If the internet is working, you can browse
  • Or enter the web ID through the search bar of the browser.
  • Now with the help of, you will get an orbilogin page.
  • Here you have to enter some pieces of information.
  • The piece of information required to enter on the Orbilogin page is ADMIN.
  • Admin is the username and PASSWORD of your Netgear Orbilogin device.

Select the language in which you feel comfortable, and save the settings. Now you are on the web interface page of your Orbi AX4200 (RBK742) Mesh router. Check if you can see the orbi pink light issue has been removed.

Orbi pink light advanced troubleshooting steps

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your WAN port with the router’s WAN port.
  • Connect the power line adapter of the modem to the orbi router.
  • And then, connect it to the power outlet. Turn on the modem.
  • Take your PC and connect it to the LAN port of your Orbilogin
  • From here, connect it to the LAN of any available slot of the computer.
  • Connect the power line adapter to the router and fix it into a power outlet.
  • Press the power button at the back of the router to turn it on.
  • Check the status of the LED to power it on. Are you still getting Orbi pink light?
  • Then, open a web browser using the computer connected to the LAN of the router.
  • Update the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router and the Orbi satellite.

Orbi firmware update for Orbi pink light issue

  1. Sign in to your router using the same router login process in the above section.
  2. And then, visit the Netgear support site.
  3. Check for the firmware version for your Orbi router.
  4. Get it on your device by tapping on the download option.
  5. Unzip the Orbilogin file and save it to your device.
  6. Go on to the ADVANCED section, then the ADMINISTRATION section.
  7. Tap the SETTINGS and click ADMINISTRATION.
  8. Select and tap the section FIRMWARE update.
  9. Or select the Router Update and wait till the update process completes.
  10. It may take a few minutes, and then the router will reboot to get a fresh start to your router.

Netgear has created a benchmark for other companies and WIFI router brands to how a router should perform and stream. Netgear Orbi routers are not immune to technical errors, even being so advanced in technology, because people have experienced a variety of problems so far. Before resolving the Orbi pink light problem, know what the cause behind it is. Here we have given all possible lists of errors and issues that may occur in your Netgear WIFI router.

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