Orbi Pro AX6000: Setup and configuration guide

If you want a WIFI router for your home or office, then Orbi setup by Netgear provides you with many Wi-Fi routers. The Wi-Fi routers provide a feature that is an access point. You can set up your wifi router using it as an access point. You can also set up your Netgear Orbi login device using Orbilogin.net or After that, you can turn on the access point mode. Your Orbi Pro AX6000 router will start working as an access point. You have to follow the entire step inch by inch. You should implement all the instructions below to complete the Orbi setup and configuration process.

Setup instructions for your Orbi Pro AX6000 router

Step 1: – You have to connect your computer gadget with a LAN port of your Orbi setup device using an Ethernet wire. You can link the computer and the router through a LAN port. While the router and modem will be linked using their WAN ports. Both the LAN and the WAN connections required an Ethernet cable. Then you can log in to the Orbi login interface using the Orbi default password and IP address. The IP addresses

Step 2: – In step two, you have to click on the option Network>then click LAN. Both of these options you will find in the side menu. You can also modify the LAN IP address of your Orbi router, which should be in the same segment of your host router that you want to use in route mode. This IP address should be out of the host DHCP extent of your Orbi Pro AX6000.

Orbi Netgear Login instructions: AX6000 router

Step 1: –

Now you can tap the option for a Wireless Setup>then hit Wireless Settings. And then, you can set up the SSID (Network name) of your router. The Orbi default password and username can be the same or unique from the host router. Select the Save option to finish the Orbi setup Pro AX6000.

Step 2: –

In this step, you have to hit the Wireless option>then go to the Wireless Security section and create novel wireless security for the Orbi default password login page. You can select the other options, such as WPA or WPA2. WPA-2 Personal is a secured alternative to protect your Orbi setup Pro AX6000. Once you are done with the entire configuration, click and select the Save button.

Step 3: –

Now you have to select the option DHCP>and then DHCP Settings. Then you should click the Disable option to disable the DHCP Server. You have to tap on the Save option again.

Step 4: –

Now you have reached step six. Here you should select System Tools> and then Reboot the router. To reboot the router, hit the “Reboot” option. Your device will reboot quickly.

Step 5: –

Now, use an Ethernet cable to interlink your host router to the AX6000 Pro router, which you will set on access point mode. Connect the router and the access point to one other through the LAN ports. You can use any one of the four LAN ports. All the LAN ports on your Orbi Pro AX6000 will grant access to the Internet.

Why is my Orbi Pro AX6000 not connecting to the satellite?

We have made a deep investigation into why tolinkwifi.net creates problems in accessing a particular error. We also have studied various user reports. We have gathered some information from the research. There are a lot of common issues which are related to this scenario. The following steps will trigger this specific error message.

A security feature can prevent Orbilogin.net users from accessing the Orbi Netgear login page. You have to disable this security feature by going into the wireless security settings of your Orbi Pro AX6000. Disable the DHCP security server to access the Orbilogin.net page.

If you have not used your router Login for a long time, you cannot access the Orbi default password login page. You have to restart the router once or twice. Then wait for a few minutes and let the router start completely.


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