Netgear Orbilogin dashboard can be fully managed by using orbi router login page that is orbilogin.com.  It will only allow that device which has the Orbi Default password, through which you can get the Internet Access. Netgear Orbi login page asks for orbi admin login credentials . You can find the default orbi admin login credentials on the back side of your Orbi router.

You can start with the Netgear Orbi Setup. When you are trying to login into Orbi Router login page, it will open the Orbi Login window. Once you’re logged in , here you can select the Netgear Orbi firmware and update your Orbi Firmware and satellite firmware. There are some  issues that you may notice while checking through the Orbi app. The user can check it from any mobile device. Further, you can set up the Orbi AP Mode by login to the netgear orbi login page.

The Orbi Satellite Connection is to get the Mesh WiFi in the entire house. Sometimes, if the Orbi Satellite is not connected, you need to change the location of the Orbi Satellite. Proper internet connection required for Orbi. Otherwise, it shows orbi not connecting to the Internet. Try to see if it work properly. In 2020, Netgear Orbi Launch the New Updated and latest technology is built in it.

Orbilogin.com | Netgear Orbi Login

Fortunately, after completing the setup procedure of the Orbi login, moving forward to perform the Netgear Orbi login with the help of graphical user interface.

Steps to access Orbi Router Login page.

  • Navigate the desired internet-browser by clicking on the browser’s icon on your desktop.
  • It should be noted that the users are using that device only which is already connected to the Netgear Orbi router.
  • Mention the www.Orbilogin.com web address in the location bar. 
  • Hit the Enter key from the keyboard either click on the search or go option.
  • Thus, the Login dashboard will appear on the window screen. 
  • Provide the Orbi admin username and credentials in the corresponding fields.
  • Fortunately, after completing the setup procedure of the Orbi login, moving forward to perform the Netgear Orbi login with the help of graphical user interface. 

Orbilogin.com or orbi admin login not working

In a situation, if the users are not able to access  orbilogin page, then you are visited at the right place. In this section, we will provide one of the best and finest solutions to access the orbi routerlogin page even without any complications.

Troubleshoot tips to fix orbilogin.com not working issues essential steps to follow are:- 


1. Formerly, plugin your Netgear Orbi router to the power wall socket and wait some time, till the power LED orbi light will become solid green.

2. Make sure the user’s client device is connected properly with the orbilogin router wireless network or either to the Orbi router’s LAN port.

3. By opening the appropriate internet browser of your choice, access the Orbi router login page or use the default internet protocol address of the available Netgear Orbi  router.

4. Besides that, if the user has changed the Orbi Router’s default internet protocol address, then try to provide the new changed IP address in place of the default IP address.

5. Moreover, if the user face any trouble or issues to connect to the Netgear Orbi home  network, further use a wireless connection via Ethernet cable.

orbilogin.com Login Page

6. Ensure that the modem is connected to the router’s internet port properly.

7. Thus, it is possible that orbilogin.com is cached in the internet browser.

8. After that, access the given web address www.orbilogin.com with the help of accessing any web browser of your choice such as google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, etc.

9. Moving to the next step, take the help of any wireless device, for instance, such as a laptop or mobile phones try to connect the available Orbi router.

How to reset the Orbi Wi-Fi system to factory defaults?

Performing a Reset formats your Orbi Router’s settings. The formatted settings cannot get recovered also. You can only personalize them again by login into orbi router login page. To access the Orbi router login page, you need to input orbi admin login credentials which is located on the back or bottom side of your router.

Follow the below steps to RESET Orbi WiFi System:-

  1. While your Orbi Router is turned ON, locate the RESET button on the router.
  2. Generally it is placed on the backside of the router or beneath it.
  3. The placement of the RESET button varies with the different models released in the market. 
  4. If you are experiencing troubles while looking for the RESET button then take help from the manual received with the Orbi Router.
  5. Once found, take a strengthened paper clip or likewise to press the button. 
  6. Keep pressing it for 10 seconds until it gives you a beep or its LED turns Amber.
  7. Your device is now RESET. Ensure to do all this while the Orbi Router is turned ON.

Note: The ring LED will blink amber if you are resetting a wall plug satellite.

Update the orbilogin.com Firmware

To keep yourself aware of the latest technology, the firmware update is one of the excellent options. Netgear orbi login dashboard give you easy access to update the orbi firmware.In case, if the user wants to check for the new firmware update of orbilogin router as well as to download (if available), then follow the given steps:-

Steps to update the Orbi Router Firmware

  1. Establish a wireless connection among any of the client devices and to the router’s Wi-Fi network.
  2. Access the Orbilogin dashboard over a laptop, computer, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.
  3. Now on Orbi router login page, please enter Orbi admin login values in the given field and tap on the Sign-in option.
  4. Go to the menu bar which is available at the topmost left corner.
  5. After that, select setting option and click on the Router settings.
  6. Scroll down the menu bar from the top, select the “check for updates” option.
  7. Moreover, if the user will be able to see a firmware update option in place of a check for updates option, then it represents that the new firmware update is available for the Orbi router.

  8. Therefore, to complete the firmware update process, keep following the on-screen instructions.

  9. So, this is how one can easily be able to update the Orbi router firmware in an easy manner. For any orbi login firmware issue, you can contact your Orbi service provider.

orbilogin.com Firmware Update

How to add satellite to your Orbi router?

orbilogin.com satellite setup

You can log in to your Netgear orbi login page from where you can add a satellite to your WiFi Network.

Follow the steps regarding your Orbi Router:

1. Launch the web browser on your computer or laptop that is connected to the Orbi WiFi. You can enter the orbilogin.com and it will show you the screen where it asks for a orbi admin login username and password.

2. Please enter the default Username and default password for the orbi login admin page access and they are case-sensitive.
It will open up the Home Page Screen and further, you can see the options for “Add Orbi Satellite”.

3. Follow the instructions about where to put the Satellite so that it will set up properly.
On your Satellite, you need to wait until the Power LED light lit up and it shows you Solid white light on it.

4. Firstly with Homepage Screen and further, you can see the options for “Add Orbi Satellite”.

5. You can follow the instructions about where to put the Satellite so that it will set up properly.

6. On your Satellite, you need to wait until the Power LED light lit up and it shows you Solid white light on it.

7. Press the Sync button on your Satellite and it starts Blinking White (that means it is in Setup Mode

8. Further to this, you can hit the Sync Button in the Router web interface.

9. You need to see the color of the LED light on your satellite whether it should be Blue, Amber, or Magenta.


10. If it shows you Magenta Color that means you need to change the location for the satellite (Take your satellite closer to the Orbi Router and try again). It will show the following color on the LED lights for 3 minutes and then turns off:

Blue: If it shows you blue color on the satellite which means the connection between Netgear Orbi Router and Satellite is in Good connection, Satellite is good to go.

Amber: It shows you Amber color on the satellite which means the connection between Orbi and Satellite is fair, but you can move the Satellite a bit closer to the Router.

Magenta: If it shows you Magenta color which means it is not synced with a router.

Netgear Orbilogin Troubleshooting Steps


When you are stuck at the Orbilogin access page, don’t panic at all! Orbi login troubleshooting steps will resolve the entire access issue in a few minutes. Netgear Orbi login dashboard is required to change or replace the advanced settings. We suggest you try the given troubleshooting steps in this article. For default orbi admin login details, please check the manual.


Change Web browser – If your current web browser is not redirecting you to orbi router login page  then we suggest you try with a different one. We prefer to use the updated version on Google Chrome. You can also try Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera etc.

Disable VPN feature – In case you have any active VPN plan, disable it. VPN is used for many purposes. We, as an expert, suggest you disable the VPN on your router. Once you get the orbilogin.com page, activate it again.

Clear cookies and caches:

On an Internet Explorer web browser

  • Go to tools>Internet Options>and delete the browsing history. 
  • Select all and click the option ‘Delete’ to clear the caches.

On a Google Chrome Browser

  • Go to the Toolbar section of your computer>navigate to More Tools.
  • And then clear the browsing history. 
  • Always go for the option ‘beginning of the time’.

Use an Ethernet Cable – It is strongly recommended to use only a wired connection. Wired Ethernet connection helps to login into Orbilogin dashboard. You can also access the Netgear Orbi login page via http://orbilogin.com. Make sure that your device is associated with the network. The Ethernet cable is included in the router package.

Active your internet connection – You must have an active internet connection. Ask your internet service provider (ISP). Ensure that your router and ISP modem is connected properly.

If you are still not getting the orbi router login page of your router, then try this last option. Unplug the modem and your Orbi router from the power source. Plug them back to the power outlet, after 30 seconds. 

  • Now, turn on your modem. 
  • Turn on your router by pressing the power on/off button. 
  • Once all the LEDs get stable on the router, open a browser. 
  • To access orbi router login page, type in www.orbilogin.com or http://orbilogin.com in the address bar. 
  • Make sure that you have connected to the router through an Ethernet cable.

Netgear Orbi login system setup provides you with the best troubleshooting tips. You need to call our technical experts on their toll-free numbers to get the solution. You can do live interaction also. Orbilogin.com setup is no longer a matter of trouble. For more details be with us and follow Netgear Orbi login steps on our website.

How to change your Orbi admin login password?

As we all know, you are already logged in. Orbi admin login password change requires Netgear Orbilogin dashboard access. Find the default orbilogin.com login password on your router. Protect your Orbi login WIFI system by changing the orbi admin password. Professionals are of the view that a password change should occur after every three months.  It is not safe to leave your Orbi login credentials on default settings. Follow the process below;

  1. Launch any web browser that is used frequently.
  2. Clear the caches and browsing history of your browser.
  3. Also, clear the bugs and cookies from the browser.
  4. Go to the browser’s URL bar and type in www.orbilogin.com
  5. Hit the enter button and access the orbi login window.
  6. Once reached, enter the Netgear orbi admin login information.
  7. Feed-in the Orbilogin default username and password.
  8. Use admin as the username and password as the password phrase.
  9. On the  orbi router login page.
  10. Access ‘advanced>Administration’
  11. Under the administration field, find the option ‘Set Password’.
  12. Please type the old password before you change it.
  13. After that, type in the new password you desired to have.
  14. Click the apply button and save your settings.

On the off chance, you face a problem, contact your technicians. The experts will help you.

How to recover forgotten Orbilogin admin password?

  1. Launch any web browser in your PC or laptop, ensure that it is already connected with the Orbi WiFi network.
  2. In the URL/ address bar, type http://www.orbilogin.com, and press enter.
  3. I will take you to the Orbilogin page.
  4. If the password recovery is enabled, it will ask you to enter the serial number of the Orbi router which is pasted on the label beneath.
  5. Enter the serial number and it will take you to another screen requesting the security questions and answers.
  6. Once entered correctly, a new window will open up to show the recovered password.
  7. Login again with the recovered password.
orbi login

How to change my Orbi System’s network name and Password via Orbilogin web interface?

Read the below steps to change the Orbi system wifi password via Orbilogin web interface. Do not skip any step and follow each and every steps mentioned below to complete the process.

Read the below steps to change the Orbi system wifi password via Orbilogin web interface. Do not skip any step and follow each and every steps mentioned below to complete the process.

  1. Open any web browser in your PC or laptop, ensure that it is already connected with the Orbi WiFi network.
  2. In the URL/ address bar, type http://www.orbilogin.com and press enter.
  3. I will direct you to the Orbilogin page.
  4. Enter the existing user credentials and press login.
  5. You will reach the BASIC homepage and that is known as Web Interface.
  6. Locate WIRELESS from the toolbar, there you will see the option to enter the new WiFi network name (SSID) and secret keyphrase.
  7. To change the password, create a new name and password and enter it in the desired field.
  8. Click Apply to save the settings you just made.

Note: After making changes to the user credentials you might need to login again to access the internet.


How would I access orbilogin.com for my Netgear Orbi RBR50?

In the event that you are confronting any issue to get to Netgear orbi login page or www.orbilogin.com, firstly you have to ensure that your Netgear Orbi RBR50 is plugged into the electrical plug. You additionally need to check, if the Orbi devices are powered ON, check the status of LED on it. 

There are some more troubleshooting steps that you have to follow for Orbi login page for RBR50. 

  • You need to make sure that your devices are connected to the Orbi WiFi network from the Orbi’s LAN port. 
  • Try to get to the orbilogin by using the Orbi Router’s Default IP address or 
  • In case that you have changed the Orbi Router’s default IP address, enter the new IP address in the browser. 
  • Sometimes you can get issues connecting with the Orbi WiFi Network, try to use an Ethernet cable to join a  port on your Orbi Router (Wired Connection). 
  • For orbi admin login default credentials, please check the printed sticker on the back side of your router.
  • You also need to ensure that ISP’s modem is connected to the Internet port of your http://orbilogiinn.com Orbi router 
  • There may be a chance that orbilogin.net and orbilogin.com are cached in your browser. At that point use an alternate browser, for example, Google Chrome or Firefox. 
  • Similarly try using another wireless device to connect with the Orbi router. 
  • Power cycle your network devices. 
  • Reset your devices to factory default settings in case the issue still persists.

How to Setup NETGEAR Orbi App with Android & Apple Device

Orbilogin.com the most popular brand offers an excellent well designed Wi-Fi Mesh System, that holds the capacity to provide a wide range of Wi-Fi signals to every dead or weak zone. Therefore, if you have purchased a New Orbi Router Login Want to set up an Orbi router? To perform the setup, 

  • In the first and foremost step, the user needs to unplug the present modem.
    NOTE-Let’s suppose, if there is any backup battery present inside the device, then also try to remove it too.
  • Wait for about a minimum of 10 seconds, plug in your modem again. 
  • Connect your modem to the available yellow internet ports on the Orbi router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, it’s time to connect your Orbi router to the power wall socket. 
  • NOTE In case, if the power light of the Orbi router will not flash. 
  • Then, the user may need to press the On/Off button of the Orbi router at least one time.
  • Wait till the Orbi router’s ring LED will change to light orbi flashing white colour and then, into pulse white.
  • After finishing the above steps, but the available Orbi satellite in the desired direction and try to attach it to any of the power source outlets either power wall sockets as per your choice.
  • Wait sometimes, till the colour of your Orbi satellite’s ring LED turns to a light solid colour and finally, from pulse white to pulse magenta.
  • Meanwhile, the Orbi satellite will flash up in any of the following colours stated below for a few seconds. Thereafter, it automatically gets turned into any of the given colours:-  
  • Blue: This colour states that the connection between the Orbi router and satellite devices is in good condition.                    
    Solid Magenta: This colour defines that the existing Orbi satellite is not connected properly to the Orbi router.                    
    Solid Amber: It represents the connection between the Orbi router as well the Orbi satellite is in fair condition.
  • Thereafter, start establishing the connection among the computer device or take the help of a mobile device to connect it with the Orbi router and satellite by using a wired or wireless connection. 
  • To perform a wired connection, one may use the Ethernet cable.
  • Finally, in the last step, the users are prompted to access the www.orbilogin.com to perform a set down of an Orbi Wi-Fi network very flexibly. 
  • When the user successfully completed the above-mentioned setup procedure carefully then your Orbi router turned automatically in a hassle-free manner.

Orbilogin basic issues with setup, satellites, login and firmware update

  • http://orbilogin.com not working
  • Default Orbi Network security Key or WiFi password not working
  • Orbi WiFi is not accepting orbi login admin password
  • Unable to setup Orbi WiFi System
  • Home devices are not connecting wirelessly on Orbi router
  • Can’t login into the orbi router login
  • Can’t change Wi-Fi password on Orbi Satellite
  • Not able to Upgrade latest firmware on Orbi Satellite
  • Not able to connect computer/ phone after Orbi router reset
  • Unable to reset my Netgear Orbi.
  • Cant reset through web reset button
  • Can’t configure Orbi setup page
  • Wi-Fi light not lit up on the router.
  • Unable to connect my satellite on Orbi.
  • Can’t access the Orbi login app.
  • Trying to find out Orbi admin password
  • Orbi WiFi router not connecting to the internet
  • is not working
  • Orbi WiFi router cannot detect modem
  • Getting slow Internet speed on some WiFi devices
  • Orbi login router not working after Firmware update
  • Can’t access to Orbi login page
  • Slow speed on Orbi satellite
  • Orbi admin login page not loading on cellphone.
  • Can’t access login page on some wireless devices.
  • orbilogin.com not loading