Trying to access web page

Are you trying to open web page?

With the help of this blog, you can easily open the web page on your computer or smartphone. These five step guides will help you to login into the Netgear my router login web page so that you can change or modify the current settings of your Netgear router. And you can also access all the features of your Netgear router. is the default web page for all Netgear Wi-Fi routers. Please go through the tips and notes section before login into the Netgear router page to avoid not working issue.

Tips and Notes to access my router login page.

  1. Don’t forget to connect your computer to the Netgear router through ethernet cable.
  2. You must have active internet connection from the internet service provider.
  3. We always recommend using Google chrome browser.
  4. Always clear browser cache and cookies before accessing the login page.
  5. Make sure that all the ethernet cables are properly connected.
  6. and are the default URLs for Netgear login pages.

Steps to open web page.

  1. Check your internet connection and then open the web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet edge etc. You can use any browser but we would like to recommend you Google Chrome.
  2. Now on the top of the browser, you need to type or and then press enter to continue. Note: You can also use the IP address of your router to open the my router login web page. is the default IP address for Netgear Wi-Fi models.
  3. If everything is correct, then you will have a small login box in the middle of the screen. In this box you need to put the username and admin password of your Netgear router.
  4. Please enter “admin” and “password” as password, press enter. Note:- You can see the default login credentials on the back or bottom side of the router.
  5. You are on Netgear router dashboard, now you can access all the features of your Netgear router
While using the Netgear Router, you might get some issues that can be resolved easily. The following troubleshooting can be noticed whenever you are using the Netgear Router

How to change admin password of Netgear Wi-Fi router?

How to change admin password of Netgear Wi-Fi Router?

To change the Netgear router admin password, first you will need to login into the Netgear my router login page. To login and change the admin password, please go through the below steps one by one. You can find the default admin password on the back or bottom side of the router. It is recommended by the professionals to change the default username and default admin password to protect the Wi-Fi connection. So, to change the default credentials i.e. username and password, we have defined some steps.

  1. Launch any of the desired web browsers over your smart device, such as a personal computer or laptop. Some of the examples of intended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  2. Go to the URL bar and type or default web address to access my router login page. 
  3. Hit the enter button and the user will reach the login window.
  4. Type Username as “admin” and password as “password” into the required field. If you have changed the login credentials before, then please enter that updated credentials.
  5. On the Netgear Router dashboard, go to the Advance> Administration.

6. Under Administration, click on Set password.  On this screen, please type old password and then type new password. 
7. Click on Apply to save the  settings. You can use this admin password only to login into the web page , this password is not for WiFi connection.

If you are still struggling to change the admin password of your Netgear router then please reset your Netgear WiFi router from the reset button and try all the basic steps again.

Not able to access login page?

Well, there is no doubt that there can be more than one reason behind the not working issue. The intermittent issue is also one of the causes due to which Netgear my router login stops working. So, with the help of an internet setup wizard, one can easily fix the problem. This procedure will take around 10-15 minutes in order to complete successfully.

Steps to resolve not working issue

  1. Unplug the modem and Netgear router from the power source and plug them back one by one after 5 minutes.
  2. Now wait for a few seconds until all the light gets stable on modem and WiFi router.
  3. Access an internet browser on your Wi-Fi enabled device. Use only that device which is connected to your Netgear router network.
  4. Type my router login web address in the browser’s address bar. However, a login box displays over the window screen.
  5. Provide the login values in the username and password section.
  6. Fill “admin” as username and “password” for the password field. Make sure, these values can be written in case-sensitive. Moreover, provide the new password, only if you have changed it earlier. 
  7. Thus, the page gets open. Click on the advanced option and after that, tap on the setup wizard option. 
  8. Then, the setup wizard opens.
  9. Click on the Yes button. Thereafter, hit the Enter button and proceed to the next step.
  10. Fortunately, the internet setup will start searching for internet connection protocols.
  11. Once the setup process gets completed, an automatic message will appear on the window screen in order to confirm the information, such as network name and network key.

If you are still facing not working issue then we suggest you reset your WiFi router from the reset button on your router. You can find the reset on the back panel of your Netgear Router.

Troubleshooting login issues?

Troubleshooting not working issues?

If you are not able to login into your Netgear login page to change or modify the settings of your new or old Netgear router then we suggest you to try following troubleshooting steps.

Change Web browser – If your current web browser is not redirecting you to Netgear orbi login page then we suggest you try with a different one. We prefer to use the updated version on Google Chrome. You can also try with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

Disable VPN – In case you have any active VPN for work or any other purpose, we suggest you disable it for router login. Once you get the page then you can activate it again. 

Clear cookies and caches  – Go to the setting of your current browser and clear all the cookies and caches from the browser.

Use Ethernet Cable only –  It is always recommended to use only wired connection to login into your router settings through my router login page. Make sure that your device is connected to the Netgear router network via Ethernet cable which is included in the router package.

Active Internet connection –  You must have an active internet connection from your Internet service provider (ISP). Ensure that your router is connected to the ISP modem properly.

Unplug your Router and modem –  If you are still not getting the login page  of your Netgear router, then try this last option. Unplug your ISP modem and Netgear router from the power source and plug them back after 20 seconds. Now turn on your modem first and then turn on your router by pressing power on/off button. Once all the lights get stable on the router, open any web browser and type or into the web address bar. Make sure that you have connected your device to the router through ethernet cable.