Why should I change my Orbi Login Password?

It is better to change your Orbi admin login password every three to four months. These days, hackers are very active. They can attack your Orbilogin.com WIFI network and will hack your account. When you install your Orbi WIFI device for the first time, it is on default credentials. Therefore, change the default credentials first. After that, keep replacing the Orbi admin login password after three to four months. Not use any previous admin password, as it can be dangerous for you.

Change Orbi Login Password

  • We describe a few essential steps to change the Orbi router Login password.
  • A browser will help you in this process to take you to the default login page of your device. You can start further steps from here.
  • Launch a web browser, and find the search bar at the top of the home page of the screen.
  • There you’ll type http://orbilogin.net, and a login window will flash instantly on the screen of your computer.
  • Then enter username [ADMIN] and password [PASSWORD]. Both are case-sensitive.
  • After that, your desired home page of www.orbilogin.net will appear on the front. From here, the process begins to change “Orbi Admin Login Password”.
  • Go to the menu bar and click on it. Now, from the drop-down list, click at ADVANCED>ADMINISTRATION>SET PASSWORD.
  • Complete the required details in this field to set a new password for your Orbi router admin login. Then before closing the window, click APPLY to save the changes in your device.

Troubles with Orbi admin login:

  • The enabled VPN or proxy servers can also hamper your system into the routerlogin.net wifi network in the adapter settings.
  • If the Network drivers are missing on devices, you will not get firmware update notifications.
  • If you have installed the network adapter partially on the device by mistake, you may strike router login setup issues in the system.
  • And, If the firmware of your router and the modem are not up to the mark, you can see all such system errors while configuring.
  • For the solution, power cycle your Wi-Fi devices. In this process, you have to turn off the router, modem, and computer one by one.
  • Then power them on in a sequence, not all at once. First, turn on the router, modem, the computer device, which is the exact sequence to power cycle the system.


One of the essential things that each user should keep in mind is that these Orbilogin.com login steps correlate with one other. Never perform it without sequence. Use it one after another continuously. Separately proceed with each step. If our solution does not fulfil your issue, you should contact our consumer helpline numbers. There, our experts are ready to help you all the time. Moreover, you can leave a text message through the popping-up chat heads on this page.


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