How do I access my Orbi admin page? 

There are many ways to set up your Netgear Orbi router. You can set it on access point mode as mesh access mode, extender modem, or router mode. We have explained the two most prevailing methods to set up your Orbi admin page. One of which is Access point mode, and the other is router mode. Netgear Orbi is the leading networking company. It is leading in the wi-fi routers, modems, and extenders. This company has successfully extended its share from small to medium business segments worldwide. Orbi has become the market leader in WIFI equipment. It is the best company in delivering its services.

Accessing Orbi Admin Page

  1. To access your Orbi Admin Page, you need some of the few essential credentials.
  2. These are the Ethernet cable, a computer, tablet, or Mac, and a web browser.
  3. Then you have to follow the below-mentioned steps from beginning to end.
  4. First, connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN. Or you can say the internet port.
  5. Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable to the computer, Mac, or tablet.
  6. Whatever device you want to use for accessing your Orbi Admin Page.
  7. To avoid errors in your setup process, download a new web browser from the play store.
  8. And then install it to connect to your Orbi router.
  9. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
  10. Launch the web browser and navigate it to the smart setup wizard of
  11. You can also try to access the admin page of your Orbi router using the IP address
  12. After using any of the above links, you will get the login window of your Orbi or
  13. Then you should unlock the Basic Home Page of your router.
  14. For this, you have to enter the username and password of your Orbi router.
  15. Now you have successfully accessed the Admin page of your Orbi router.

From here, you can also unlock some of the basic settings. You can change the user name, password, and IP address. You can even set your router on the access point or router mode.

Setup your Netgear Orbi as Access Point Mode

  • Orbi Login to the admin panel and the Basic home page of your router, and then navigate to the menu head.
  • Click the menu tab and select the ADVANCED tab>ADVANCED SETUP tab>Router Mode/AP Mode, anyone from them both.
  • If you select the AP Mode radio button. Then the page will adjust itself automatically.
  • Now, you need to select the IP address settings from the following addresses.
  • You can get the IP address dynamically from your existing router.
  • The other option is to enable the fixed IP settings on this device (not recommended).

Are you going for the first option? Then the existing router will assign the IP address to your new router while this router will stay on AP mode. Do you want to go for the second option? Then you have to assign a specific IP address to this router manually. And it will remain in AP Mode. For this, you will require some previous knowledge of computer networking.


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