How do I set up a DHCP Server in my Orbi RBR40 router?

The Dynamic Host configuration Protocol Reservation, also known as the DHCP reservation feature, allows the user to reserve an IP address for a specific device on your network. It ensures the router does not assign the same IP address to other devices in the network. The DHCP feature allows multiple devices to be managed by your Wi-Fi router. When you set up a DHCP server with your Orbi RBR40 router, you can manage multiple devices, such as a printer, servers, web cameras, network printers, and other gaming consoles.

Important Note: Ensure that the IP address that you are going to assign to the Orbi login RBR40 device is within the DHCP Reservation range. You cannot set an IP address outside the DHCP range after configuration.

A quick tip: It is better to enable the DHCP Server because disabling it will convert your Orbi setup RBR40 router as a switch. It means you can allow internet access to only one computer. If you assign the IP address to disable the DHCP server range, it will be the network address translation. NAT helps to translate these IP addresses of the modem and the router.

Setup DHCP server on your Orbi RBR40 router

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer device connected to your Orbi RBR40 router.
  2. Access the address bar of the web browser.
  3. Enter the default Orbi admin login web URL.
  4. net is the default Orbi address.
  5. You should enter this address into the search bar and hit the OK button.
  6. The appearing window will ask for the default Netgear password and username.
  7. The password is PASSWORD, and the username is ADMIN.


Note: – You should input the username and password in small letters because they are case-sensitive information. You can also use the password specified during logging in for the first time. You will then see the Basic Homepage.


  • Select ADVANCVED>SETUP>LAN setup on the Basic homepage.
  • You will see the LAN Orbi setup page.


Note: – If you have previously disabled the DHCP server feature, mark the check box and use the router as DHCP server. And then specify the IP address range that the router assigns you.


  • Enter the lowest number in the starting IP address field.
  • Keep this IP address into the same subnet as the router.
  • The starting IP address by default is
  • Enter the number at the end of the IP address range in the ending IP field.
  • You should keep this IP address in the same subnet as your Orbi setup RBR40 router.

Here the ending IP address by default is Click the apply button to save your settings.

The Orbi admin login page of your RBR40 router will show the following parameters: –

  • An IP address from the range you defined.
  • The subnet mask.
  • Gateway IP address which is the LAN IP address.
  • The server IP address of DNS and the router LAN IP address.

Learn how to disable the DHCP Server feature in your Orbi RBR40 router

If you have set up the DHCP server in your router by default, the router will assign IP, DNS servers, and the default Netgear password, gateway addresses to all devices associated with the LAN port. The gateway IP address is the default LAN address for the Orbi admin login process in your RBR40 router.

You can either use a different device on your network as the DHCP server or specify the Orbi Netgear login network settings of all your devices connected to the LAN port.

Steps to disable the DHCP server in the Orbi setup RBR40

  1. Launch a web browser from a mobile or computer device connected to your Orbi admin login network.
  2. Enter the web address, and a login window appears.
  3. In the next step, enter the admin user name and default Netgear password.
  4. The user name, by default, is admin, and you have already specified the password.
  5. It is the password that you have used while logging for the first time into the router.
  6. Use the Orbi admin login credentials in lower case because they are case-sensitive.
  7. Select ADVANCED > Setup > LAN Setup as soon as you see the Basic homepage.
  8. Clear the Use Router as DHCP Server check box when you see it on the LAN setup page.
  9. Click the Apply button if the DHCP service is disabled and nothing is on your network.
  10. Set your computer IP details manually to access the router and type the MAC address.

Click the Apply button after entering the reserved address into the table. Now reboot the computer or access its IP configuration to force a DHCP release. And then, you can renew the DHCP settings on your or page. The reserved address will not come into force until the computer contacts the DHCP server. Do not forget to enter the default Netgear password and username after connecting the router to the DHCP network.


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