How to set up an orbi RBR10 AC1200 Wi-Fi router? 

Undoubtedly, Orbi router login Wi-Fi routers come with excellent features. To get buffer-free internet, lag-free streaming, smooth and rapid gaming, use the Orbi RBR10 AC1200 router. It gives you three Wi-Fi bands, or you can say the wireless frequency: one of which you get on the 2.4 GHz wireless band, and the other two bands are on 5GHz. Each of its wireless frequency bands can provide you with much higher bandwidth due to its latest Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chip. Most Orbi Wi-Fi routers have built-in update facilities to ensure a regular orbi firmware update. They perform the complete process automatically whenever any new firmware is in the market.

Orbi RBR10 AC1200 setup features  

  • Orbi login and setup helps to expand your Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Orbi RBR10 setup repeats your existing Wi-Fi signal instead of broadcasting a new one.
  • After boosting your existing network, speed up your Wi-Fi up to 1900 Mbps.
  • It also speeds up your Wi-Fi signals with 700 mW with high-powered amplifiers.
  • The Orbi RBR10 AC1200 router can work with any standard Wi-Fi router.
  • It is ideal for HD video streaming and online gaming.
  • Moreover, you get many latest features through a regular firmware update by Netgear.
  • Orbi setup and login are also essential to secure all your Wi-Fi devices.
  • Whether at your home or office, you can extend the welcome mat for the visitors with free-of-cost WIFI.
  • You can allow guest mode setup using the Orbi setup and login app on your device.

How to set up orbi with its default Orbi login credentials?

Orbi RBR10 router users can access their router manually or via the Orbi login app. We will provide you with all the login and setup information on this website. You will have access to the Orbi router login and advanced setup page.

Setup your Orbi and access the login page with its default credentials

  • Launch a web browser of your choices like Google Chrome and the Microsft.
  • Enter the default Orbi loginIP address, like or
  • Hit the enter button to access the authentication page for the Basic Homepage.
  • When you promote, use ADMIN as the default username.
  • After that, enter PASSWORD as the default login password of your Orbi RBR10 router.
  • The Dashboard will prompt you to change the Orbi admin password during the step process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Orbi settings.
  • From the web interface page, go to the Orbi login page of your RBR10 router.
  • Go to the wireless section, and click the basic wireless settings.
  • Now you have to set the wireless button to the manual.
  • And then enter the SSID or the wireless network name of your Orbi router.
  • Go to the wireless security tab. And therein, enter the wireless password of your router.
  • And then save the changes you have made till now.
  • At last, remove the power cables from the router and the satellite.
  • Wait for two minutes. And then, restart both the devices.
  • Now, your login to the RBR10 router will automatically complete.

Orbi Admin password reset for your RBR10 router via reset button

Before you begin the Orbi admin password reset process, the reset will bring your router to its factory default configuration. Do you not want to lose your customized Router login configuration? Then keep a backup and re-install it after login back to your homepage. Reset also requires implementation when your router is not performing well, even after WIFI connectivity or if your is not working.

Note: – Orbi admin password reset will revert the default network name and password, default router login credentials, and reset the settings to its factory default configuration.

Follow the steps to implement your Orbi admin password reset:

  1. Use a paper clip or a toothpick to press and hold the reset button available at the back of your Orbi RBR10 AC1200 router.
  2. Press the reset button for at least 6 to 8 seconds to reset the router accurately.
  3. When the power lights or the orbi flashing white light or orange light, leave the button.
  4. Wait until your Orbi RBR10 router reboots and the power LED turns solid white.

Secure your Orbi RBR10 AC1200 router after login

Launch a standard web browser to secure the wireless connection. And then, enter the web address or into the same address bar of the same browser. Then make a login and follow the steps ahead.

  1. Visit the setting section and tap Settings -> Wireless->
  2. Then in the wireless WIFI section, you can work to modify the user name or SSID.
  3. Modify the security settings for both the frequency bands, like 2.4 and 5GHz.
  4. First, erase the default settings from this section (link-xxxxx).
  5. And then, enter a uniqueOrbi admin password and network name.

It is the wireless name you can see while scanning the wireless networks. Now, visit the password field, and remove the default password. Then enter a fresh one of your choice with a minimum of 8 to 32 characters. For detailed setup instructions, call our customer care experts. They have the solution for all your Orbi router login and setup-related problems.


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