Configure your Orbi RBKE960 router login page

Here we will use to access your Orbi firmware settings and configuration. It requires your modem to connect with the Orbi admin login through the router. First, power cycle the Wi-Fi Router, modem, and the device arranged for the configuration process. Your Orbi RBKE960 router can be configured using two methods, the first one is via Hardwire and the second one is via a web assistant. We will discuss both procedures in detail so you can opt for any according to your convenience.

How to setup Orbi through the web assistant

Take the power line adapter of your Orbi RBKE960 device and connect it to the required power slot of your device. After that, associate the power line adapter with the power slot of the modem itself. And then hook it to an electric power outlet. Now power on the modem, the Wi-Fi router, and the computer. The WAN port of the router adjoins the WAN slot of the modem. Use an Ethernet cable only to connect the WAN slots of the modem and the device. Second, connect the computer to the LAN of the Wi-Fi router using another Ethernet cable or the internet cable.

Unlock a web Browser to get the RBKE960 Orbi admin login page 

Before you get a web browser, the LED lights on your Orbi router login are solid green. Then, open the browser of your choice and type in the web address, Routerlogin. Next, you can write the IP address in the address line of a browser. After a few seconds, you can see the Orbi firmware setup screen on the display screen.

  1. is the default page to configure any new Wi-Fi router regardless of its model.
  2. Another option you may use is the IP address of your Wi-Fi router instead of the web address
  3. You can access the default Orbi router login page using the IP address described above.
  4. The IP address which is used most commonly by the Orbi RBK960 users is or
  5. When you enter any of the above-described login addresses, you will surely get your device’s Orbi firmware login page.
  6. The Orbi admin login page will ask you if you need help. If you require it, then click YES. The Wi-Fi router will configure and ask you to choose the operation mode.
  7. Do you want to set your device on a Routerlogin Mode? Then select the Router Mode option.
  8. If you want to set your Wi-Fi device on a bridge Mode, select the BRIDGE MODE. On the off chance, if you go for the ‘Access Point’ mode, then go for the Access Point Mode.
  9. If you want to set your Orbi router login RBKE960 device with a modem to access the internet, you should go for ROUTER MODE only and follow the instructions provided by the setup wizard.
  10. How to set up Orbi through the setup wizard will also ask you to disable your existing gateway. You should select NO at this moment. You will get a pop-up to set up your admin account.

You need to fill out the form and click NEXT. Download the latest Orbi firmware for your Wi-Fi router, and update if available. After performing all the above Orb router steps, your Wi-Fi router has been configured. You are ready to use it. Now, you can move toward the wireless configuration process also. That’s all about how to set up the Orbi RBKE960 router.


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