Why is my Netgear Orbi RBR52 dropping connection?

Are you facing offline issues with your Netgear Orbi RBR52? If you agree, then you are at the right place. This article will guide you about the reasons behind such problems and some basic troubleshooting tips. Offline Orbi Router may be due to weak internet connection, Issues with the modem or hardware, and outdated version of router’s firmware, etc.

An offline Orbi will create trouble while accessing your Orbi web page or orbilogin.com. Users can resolve this issue by properly reading the user manual of the Orbi router. The technician who did the Orbi Setup will dictate to you all the necessary information regarding the product. You can also take help from a friend who is technologically aware of the product. Before moving forward with the troubleshooting tips, let us discuss some common reasons for such issues.

Netgear Orbi RBR52 Dropping Connection: General Causes

To get a fast and uninterrupted internet connection, the first main thing you need to have is a good hardware system. So buy a router which is suitable for you and compatible with your place. Orbi setup procedure needs to be done very carefully. All the necessary instructions are given in the user manual provided by the manufacturer. The main reasons for dropping connection may be the following:

  • Incompatible Hardware- This is the most common cause of dropping connection of your router. It may lead to complicated Wi-Fi. There are a lot of hardware vendors with a variety of products. Always compare the products based on compatibility with your devices.
  • Signal Saturation or interferences- There are a lot of Wi-Fi networks available near your device. Especially in urban areas, every house consists of Wi-Fi. If you will open your device’s Wi-Fi and scan for available networks, you will get many of them, near to you. All the networks available near you will take precious spectrum allocation. So the more networks available near you, the more will be interference.
  • Network jammer near your home- Network jammers will stop the internet connectivity near the place. If there is a jammer located near your house, it may impact your signal strength.

Troubleshooting tips for Netgear Orbi dropping connection:

  1. Make sure that your modem is connected to the internet-connected device through a hard-wired connection. You should use an Ethernet cable to connect your devices. If your network stills show offline that means the problem is with your Internet service provider. Talk to your ISP if you are facing this situation. Once the internet service will resolve, your device will start showing online.
  2. If the internet service is working but your devices are still facing such issues that mean the problem is with the settings of your Orbi router. In this situation, try to power cycle your router. Plug it out of the power outlet and wait for a few seconds. Then plug it in again.
  3. Ensure that the firmware of your router is of the latest version. Outdated firmware can be the reason for such connectivity issues. All the Orbi routers are designed to automatically update their firmware. But sometimes the automatic firmware update may fail. So, keep looking for the latest versions of your router’s firmware. Check for the user manual to process an Orbi Firmware update.
  4. Check whether the cables connected to your device are tight and secure. They must not be damaged or broken.
  5. You can reset your router to factory settings. Follow the below steps for a factory reset:
  • Look for the Reset button located on the back or bottom of your router.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for a few seconds.
  • Now release the button. Your device will get restarted.
  • Note that the reset will change your username and password to the factory or default settings. The default Orbi admin password and username after the reset will be admin.
  1. Check whether your network adopter is in proper working condition or not. Take care while processing your Orbi Setup.
  2. Check your login credentials carefully before trying to access orbilogin.com. Entering the wrong password or username will not help you in the Orbi login process.


So, always use network cables to link your devices. It gives you more safety to get a good connection. Also, if you buy a cheap product, then any troubleshooting will result in failures. Make sure that you invest in good hardware and software first. We hope this article will help you in getting directions to resolve your basic issues. Otherwise, you can contact our technical team for any help.

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