Orbi RBK30- A Tri-Band whole Home Mesh WIFI

The Orbi login Wi-Fi Mesh Networking system with AC2200, Orbi RBK30 is the latest addition to Netgear’s line of Mesh Router. You can easily connect it to the original Netgear Orbi High-Performance, Tri-Band AC3000 Wi-Fi System, such as RBK50 and the AC2200, RBK40. It covers up to 3500 square feet with a router and a wall plug satellite. You can have a quick setup as there is no need to create a new account, download the Orbi app, plug in the satellite, and follow in-app prompts to login to the web interface of your router.

Orbi RBK 30 install and Setup

  1. Unbox your new Netgear Orbi RBK30 router and the satellite.
  2. Unplug the existing modem and turn it off.
  3. Connect your Netgear Orbi login device and the modem using the given Ethernet cable.
  4. The two devices will connect through their WAN ports.
  5. Now, attach a power adapter with your router’s power slot.
  6. The power slot is at the back of your router.
  7. Then, insert the power adapter into the power source of your home.
  8. Do not turn on the router until you connect a computer to it.
  9. Take the second Ethernet cable and insert the computer with your RBK 30 Mesh router’s LAN port.
  10. The other mouth of this Ethernet cable will go into the LAN slot of the computer.
  11. Now connect the computer to the power slot.

Turn on the devices

  1. To turn on the devices connected using an Ethernet cable, first of all, press the power button available at the back of the router.
  2. After pressing the power switch on the power outlet.
  3. The router LED will turn solid white, indicating that the router is ready to use.
  4. Then, turn on the modem connecting back its power line adapters.
  5. Also, insert the backup batteries if required, or the modem has.
  6. Now, turn on the computer and connect it to the available internet connection of your house to perform further configuration.

RBK 30 login to orbilogin.com page

  1. Through the computer which is connected to the router, open a search engine.
  2. And then, head it over to Orbilogin.com or www.orbilogin.net through its Addy.
  3. The orbilogin.com will provide you with an authenticated login window.
  4. Complete the required authentication using admin as the username and password as the password.
  5. As you complete the login requirements, the Basic home page of your Orbi RBK30 will appear on the screen.
  6. Now, you need to connect or synchronize the RBS30 satellite to the router.

Synchronize the Orbi RBK30 with RBS30 satellite

  1. Plug the RBS 30 satellite into the wall outlet of your home.
  2. Place the satellite near the router to get it synchronized easily.
  3. Turn the power of your RBS 30 satellite. Check the LED status.
  4. If the ring LED light of the Orbi RBK30 satellite will orbi flashing white light.
  5. Press the sync button on your Orbi login device and the satellite.
  6. First of all, press the sync button on the router, then on satellite within two minutes.
  7. When the ring LED light of the satellite blinks blue, the connection between the router and the satellite is good.
  8. When the satellite’s ring LED is amber, the connection is fair but requires the satellite to bring a little closer to the router.
  9. And, when the ring LED light of the satellite is magenta, the sync process is not successful and needs to sync again.

Username and password change to my Orbi RBK30

  1. Launch a web browser, like Google Chrome or Safari, on any desktop computer that you have.
  2. Connect your computer to your Netgear Orbi login router.
  3. After that, type www.Orbilogin.com in the address bar of the web browser that you have launched.
  4. A login window with two blank tabs will display on the screen of your computer.
  5. It is the Orbi router login window, which prompts the user to enter the username and password.
  6. The default username of your Netgear Orbilogin Router is admin, and the default password is password.
  7. Username and password are cases of sensitive information, so use them carefully.
  8. If the default password of your router is not working, you might have to change the settings.
  9. In that case, you need to log in with any of your previous customized passwords.
  10. If all your efforts do not work, you are required to reset the router back to its factory default settings.
  11. At last, you can go on to set up a new username and password for your Netgear Orbi router login device.
  12. Next, you have to Click OK to get the Basic home page of your router.
  13. Then from the menu bar, select Wireless, and you will be able to see the Network Name (SSID) option in the below section.
  14. Here, you can type a new username for your Netgear router after removing the previous one.

You can see the Password change (Network Key) option in the security field. Here, type in a new admin/login password for your Netgear router. Then, click the Apply or Save button to save the changes made by you. Once you change the username and the password successfully, you can connect to the Orbi Routerlogin network using the new username and password.


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