Orbi pro SRR60 Router Access and firmware update process

The Routerlogin.net login to the page will redirect you to the Basic homepage or your Orbi pro SRR60 Router dashboard. Is the IP address of your router and you can also access the web GUI using this IP address. On the homepage of your router, you can connect several other smart networking devices using the Orbilogin page. You can also get guest network access and a lot more on the Orbi firmware update page of your pro-SRR60 Router. Nowadays, Orbi provides an app to set up all the latest Wi-Fi routers, and modems. You can configure & manage your router remotely using the app, additionally, you can also control your Orbi setup system remotely using your mobile device.

Booming Features of Pro SRR60 Router 

  1. Multifunctioning USB Port

The Multifunctioning USB 2.0 Port of your Pro SRR60 Orbilogin gives you access to share multiple files at once, printer sharing, play media using the 3G modem, etc. You can connect several computers, smartphones, laptops, and other gaming devices with your Routerlogin.net network of Pro SRR60 routers.  

  1. Interchangeable LAN & WAN

It ensures versatile connectivity because your Pro SRR60 router supports ADSL/Ethernet WAN connections. You can have flexibility between your internet connection with ADSL2 + Modem, NAT Router, and 300 Mbps wireless N access points. With this Pro SRR60 Router, there is no need to purchase an additional device to extend the wireless range of your house as it shares a high-speed wireless internet connection.

  1. The IP QoS Facility

The IP QoS facility of this Pro SRR60 Orbilogin allows you and the network administrators to get a specific amount of bandwidth available to each network connected to your router by recognizing its IP addresses.

Steps to access your Pro SRR60 Router with a web browser

Here are the essential steps to log in to your Pro SRR60 Router wireless router.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the WIFI network to get the Orbi setup page with internet protocol and control panel.
  2. Besides that, you should either establish a wired network connection using an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection using the WIFI network of your router.
  3. Secondly, you need to open an internet web browser, which you have on your computer or laptop.
  4. Then you have to provide the default Routerlogin.net internet protocol address of your Orbi Pro SRR60 router or mention Orbilogin web link.
  5. Once you access the default routerlogin.net login page, Mention the correct username and password. You can use ADMIN and PASSWORD to get the Login page.

How to change the Password of the Orbi SRR60 Router

  1. Now, you are at the default login page of your router.
  2. Your first step is to change the default Orbi setup username and password.
  3. It is essential for the security of your WiFi router.
  4. Go to Management>Access Control>Password on the left side of the page.
  5. Type in the old password first, then type in the new password.
  6. You are supposed to create a unique password before login on to a paper.
  7. Enter the new orbi admin password twice to get confirmation.
  8. Then click the SAVE/APPLY tab to secure the precious changes made by you.

Orbi Firmware update in your Pro SRR60 Router

  • Download the latest firmware file from the Orbi Routerlogin.net login official website.
  • Download the firmware according to the configuration of your Orbi setup.
  • The file will be in a zipped form. Unzip the file using any suitable tool.
  • Click the option Tools>>Orbi Firmware Update or Firmware>>Browse.
  • And then, select a file to get the extracted firmware file>>Hit the option Open.
  • Hit the Upgrade button, and your device will reboot automatically after the update.
  • Then, go to the status section, and check whether your firmware file has uploaded successfully or not.
  • Some firmware files can bring your router to its factory default settings.
  • After that, run the quick Orbi firmware update process to log in the administrative panel.

Never update the firmware file on a wireless connection because it leads to firmware failure. Do not turn off the power while the firmware update is under process. Get a backup of your customized settings before you begin the Orbi firmware update, setup, and login process.


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