My Orbi Satellite is not working, How do I connect it back to Netgear Router RBR50?

Let’s suppose if your Orbi satellite is not working and you want to again connect it to Orbi router RBR50. Then, you are standing in the best place. In this article, we are going to explain how to perform Netgear Orbi Set up with an existing router by going to

But before you start with the setup procedure, it is necessary to understand how the Netgear orbi mesh Wi-Fi system actually works. The mesh Wi-Fi network contains multiple Wi-Fi broadcast points throughout the home.

Steps to connect your Netgear router RBR50

Undoubtedly, it is a not a big deal to again connect your Netgear orbi router, if your Orbi satellite is not working.

So, here are the following steps which help you to connect your Netgear orbi router in a hassle-free manner.

  1. The first step is to Unplug your existing modem and then, replace the battery if it is available.
  2. Wait for a minute and plug in your modem back to its position.
  3. Now, connect your primary devices to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. The primary device includes the Netgear orbi RBR50 router. One needs to connect the modem to the yellow internet port on your Netgear
  4. Connect your Netgear orbi RBR50 router to any of the power source outlets. Then, the power LED light flashes.
  5. In case, if the power LED does not flash, then you may need to press the ON/OFF button to proceed to the next step.

6. In the next step, you have to place your Orbi satellite in the midway of your home in order to get the excellent Wi-Fi coverage.

7. After placing your Orbi router in a perfect location, the user needs to connect orbi satellite with the Ethernet to the power outlet. Now, check whether the power LED does flashes or not.  If not, then one may need to check the Orbi Satellite not connecting to the Orbi Router. For this, one may need to press the ON/OFF button of your Orbi Satellite.

8. Wait for a while, till the orbit satellite’s ring LED solid white, then change to pulse white and finally, turns to pulse magenta color.

Note: The orbit satellite’s LED light will turn to magenta for at least one minute. While your orbit satellite will sync to orbi RBR50 router.

Once, the orbi satellite’s ring LED pulses magenta, then it will light any of the following colors for at least one minute or more than that. The following color represents:-

  • Solid Blue: The blue color shows the connection among the Netgear Orbi Router and the Orbi Satellite is in good taste.
  • Solid Magenta: This color represents that the orbi satellite is not connected to the orbi router properly. To resolve this, one needs to move your orbi router a little bit closer to the orbi satellite.
  • Solid Amber: The solid amber color represents that the connection among the Orbi devices is in fair condition.

9.Thereafter, by using your personal computer or laptop, one needs to connect the orbi router and satellite with the help of wired or by wireless connection.
Moreover, to establish a wireless connection, the user needs to find a current Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and the password which is labeled on the orbi router and the satellite. One needs to try to connect to that network with the help of Wi-Fi enabled device i.e. computers, etc.

10. Now, in the last step, the user needs to login to Netgear orbi router. To perform the Netgear router login, one needs to open the preferred web browser and visit the search bar. Enter the web address.
Finally, click on the Login button to complete the procedure. Thus, you can connect your orbi router by following the above guidelines.

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