How do I access my Orbi RBK653 router via my computer?

If you do not have much budget to spend on a range extender, go for an Orbi setup RBK653 router. It is affordable and provides high performance to all devices connected to the WiFi network. It can authenticate multiple devices with your smart home gadgets. Your Orbi firmware can access all the devices attached to it. The Orbi RBK653 gives advanced security features, such as WPA2/WPA encryption, and AiMESH technology. It also produces speed and high connectivity. Besides, if you want to expand your WIFI coverage to a large area, then you have the opportunity to add a satellite.

The Orbi flashing white light on your satellite will indicate a solid WiFi connection with the router. So your client devices will not face lag and buffering issues. It will not heat up even if you use it for 24×7 hours. For the Orbi Netgear login and installation, bring a computer and connect it to the LAN port of your Orbi RBK653. The default web address will help you access the Orbi firmware page without any delay.

Orbi Setup and access using a computer device


Connect a computer to the LAN port of your Orbi setup RBK653 router. And then connect the other tip of this Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the computer itself. On your computer, open a web browser of your choice, free from all bugs, caches, and cookies. There shouldn’t be any bugs and browsing history. If it has, clears the search history and other malicious files before launching the web browser.


After clearing your browser from the bugs, history, and caches, go to the search line, and enter the Orbi login details. These details must be correct and should be obtained from the user manual or the router. These details are your Orbi default password and username, IP address, etc. If you see Orbi flashing white light on your router, reboot it and then connect to the computer once again.


First of all, you need to put the IP address or navigate to the web URL from the address bar. You should use the Orbi default password and user ID to access the Orbi Netgear login homepage. The common IP address for all Orbi login device users is


After entering the web URL or the IP address, a login window will appear on your computer screen. You need to enter the other two login details, the username and the password of your Orbi RBK653 router. The Username is ADMIN, and the password is PASSWORD by default of your router interface.


As you finish with the login details, you have to click the enter button to get the Basic web interface of your Orbi RBK653 router. From this page, move on to the “Settings.” Then go to the “Wireless.” At last, click on “Wireless mode” from the menu. It will be on the left side of your computer screen. And then, your settings finish here.

Did I forget the password of my Orbi RBK653 router?

If you forget the password of your Orbi setup RBK653 WIFI router, then reset it to factory default settings. Factory default settings are the only method to set your Orbi login device on its default configurations. You can obtain all these default settings via the RESET button over your router.


  1. There is a small reset button embedded in the back of the router’s body.
  2. You have to pick a thin pointed object, such as your hairpin or a mobile screw for pressing the reset button.
  3. Press that tine reset button for 20 seconds. And then leave it quickly.
  4. You would observe that your Orbi RBK653 router is now rebooting.
  5. See the LEDs over the router. You will see Orbi flashing white or orange LEDs.
  6. Orbi flashing orange or white LED means your router is going to restart.


Your Orbi login device has got its factory default configurations. Now you can install your Orbi Netgear login device using the Orbi default password. After that, again customize the router as per your choice and set the password and username. This time do not forget to write your personal login details in a personal notebook. If you face any trouble, call our Orbi firmware update experts. They will help you update the firmware of your router to improve its workability.


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